Understanding how and when to change direction


General Courses

This is where to browse the full range of what's out there for the career-minded professional. Remember, it's not just about what you know technically; it's about how you apply it. Aid work requires blending art with science.


General Courses

A great resource for all sorts of online and full-time courses, including MBA, Health in Humanitarian Emergencies, and Sigma-30.

IFRC Learning

Online Short Courses

The Red Cross Red Crescent Learning platform is a global online learning community. It consists of hundreds of short, free, high quality, self-directed, multilingual Red Cross Red Crescent courses covering both programmatic as well as support focused functions and activities as well as professional and personal development. You don't have to be a member of the Red Cross movement to make use of it.


Online Short Courses

Free online courses on multiple topics in Arabic.


Online Short Courses

Technical courses from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy on everything for the modern humanitarian, from Safety & Security to Coordination and Programme Management

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