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Because you work in challenging, remote and sometimes dangerous places including conflict and disaster zones, you and your family need more than a standard off-the-shelf insurance policy. These firms offer a range of specialised travel, health, life, liability, disability and war-risks products suited to the unusual life you lead at affordable prices.



Travel, Health, Disability (UK based)

Banner is one of the world's leading providers of insurance to international aid workers, insuring individuals and NGOs from all over the world.

Cigna Global

Medical (International)

Specialist provider of health insurance for expatriates

Voyager Insurance

Travel, Medical, War Risks (US based)

Travel Insurance that covers you where others fear to tread


Professional Liability (UK based)

Oxygen Professional Risks is a specialist provider of liability and other insurances to the people-to-people professions.

Forces Mutual

Travel, Health, Disability, Mortgages (UK based)

This outfit understand the special circumstances of the military, and so understands the needs of the aid community too. Sadly, however, you have to be a former member of the armed services to qualify.

MSH International

Health (International)

Health insurance plans that provide individuals with comprehensive expatriate benefits coverage.


Professional Liability (UK based)

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