Aid work is physically and emotionally demanding. Look after yourself.


Mental Health & Counselling

Humanitarian work is physically and emotionally demanding. Many aid workers struggle to find a healthy balance between the demands of the job and the need to pay attention to their own well-being. The resources listed here have demonstrated that they understand stress and trauma as it relates to humanitarian work in the field.


Online & Face-to-Face Trauma counselling

Thrive brings together expertise in medical, psychological, and occupational health to serve the humanitarian, development and mission sectors. They provide psychological first aid plus individual or group counselling where symptoms of trauma or other distress persist.

Mandala Staff Support

Aid Worker Wellbeing

Mandala Staff Support is a group of psychologists providing specialised psycho-social support, training and resources to aid workers and their organisations. Their aim is to help build a stronger, healthier and more resilient aid sector.

Headington Institute

Stressed out

Online stress-busting and resilience-building courses.

Healthy Nomad

Mental Health

Inspiration for the human spirit.

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