Understanding human rights and humanitarian law


Protection & Human Rights Law

A wider perspective and critical understanding of the social, economic, political and philosophical dimensions of  how human rights and humanitarian law are applied helps define our responsibility to protect. You don't have to be a lawyer to do the courses listed here ... but it helps.

Georgetown University

Migration Studies

Students pursuing a Certificate in International Migration Studies will learn how to analyse migration data and public policy in order to understand migration trends, develop best practices, and respond to changing demographics. This interdisciplinary programme is designed for policy and advocacy professionals with an interest in the social, cultural, economic, and legal ramifications of the movement of peoples within and between nations.

University of London

Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies

This MA is the only programme of its type to be offered by distance learning, and has quickly become one of the largest programmes on forced migration anywhere in the world. The programme provides a solid legal, practical and theoretical understanding of refugee protection and forced migration.

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