Coordination costs. Poorer coordination costs lives



Getting a Masters' in Business Administration sounds really boring, especially for someone already shaping society through relief and dvelopment work. It also requires a significant investment in time, money, and hard work. But obtaining an MBA can accelerate your career in the aid business, leading to management and leadership opportunities that might not otherwise have been open to you.

Cardiff University

Distance Learning (Cardiff, UK)

This Executive MBA has been designed to meet the needs of experienced middle managers in the UN and elsewhere looking for ways to develop their understanding and knowledge of best practice in management.

University of Birmingham

Masters in Public Administration

The MPA is an international masters programme, aimed at those who aspire to a career in public management or policy-making in government, public agencies or non-governmental organizations working with government, whether at local, regional, national or international levels, worldwide


Short & Long courses in French (Lyon & Dakar)

Bioforce trains those involved in national crisis response programmes, especially in the areas of logistics, coordination, administration, finance, and human resources. It also specialises in water supply and sanitation.

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