Essential stuff for the field


Field Packing List

These are the priority items for a Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) in event of evacuation, together with the most recommended brands for each i.e kit which has proven itself capable of not falling apart when you need it most. Those marked * are necessary for field work, but not necessarily for evacuation where weight and size is at a premium.

Packing List
Day Pack Osprey Talon 33
Projector*Apeman mini
Laptop*Lenovo Yoga 13
Wrist WatchCasio G-Shock Rangeman
Spare Clothesunderwear, shirt and socks + fleecey (in bin bag)
Emergency Food Tinned tuna, Trailmix, Tabasco
BIC Lighter
CondomsFor water storage
Solar PowerpackInnooTech
Wet wipes
Yoga / Sleeping mat
Multi-tool Leatherman Wave
Cash15 x $50 bills + assorted smaller denominations printed after 2012
Credit Card
PapersIn sealable plastic bag; to include passport, 6 x passport photos + photocopies of passport, ID, vaccination certificate, insurance certificate)
Essential Medicines In another sealable plastic bag
Satphone + charger
Universal Plug Adapter
Trauma Kit Tourniquets, chest seals, combat gauze, pressure dressings, EMT shears, nitrile gloves etc
Water Bottle
Water Purification Tablets And/or Lifestraw
Head-Torch Petzl
Carabiners x 2 Load-bearing & lockable
Dental Floss
Paracord30 metres
Whistle & Compass
Door Wedge *Alarmed
Toilet roll *In sealable plastic bag
Sun Screen Factor 50
Mosquito Net
Mosquito Repellent min 50% DEET
Sunglasseswith wrap-arounds
Brimmed Hat Dorfman Pacific (NOT a baseball cap!)
Rain Poncho
Space Blanket
Oral Rehydration Salts 10 sachets
Duct Tape Cloth backed
Tootpaste & Brush
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Sleeping Bag LinerSilk
FM RadioWind-up
Camping EquipmentTent + Sleeping Bag (+ silk liner) + Sleeping mat (or foldable cot) + Cooking Utensils